The 2nd Annual CAP Awards · January, 2009
Online Casino Affiliate Marketing's Most Prestigious Event
29 January 2009 · London, U.K.

The CAP Awards ceremony is the annual iGaming affiliate marketing celebration where the affiliate community decides who among them gets to take home the coveted CAPPY awards.

Sponsored by ("CAP") and its sister company ("PAP"), the CAP Awards were first held in January 2008 at Chelsea Football Club during CAP Euro London. That event was recognized throughout the industry as a resounding success for all involved.

The following year, the second annual CAP Awards were even bigger and better, with more categories, more awards, and a bigger venue: the Brewery, again in London.

Those who have joined us for these memorable occasions have seen history in the making. We want to thank everyone who's participated so far. And for those of you who have yet to discover the magic and excitement of the CAP Awards – we'll see you in 2010!

The Process

The CAP Awards are unique among industry awards programs because the nominations process is peer-led, meaning that the affiliate community is invited to be our 'ears to the ground' on who's who in the industry. As a result, all winners are representative of the industry as its stands today.

The CAP Awards are decided by two voting bodies. The affiliate nominations come via members of and and share around 75% of the closing result. The independent judiciary panel is made up of 10 respected operators, affiliates and vendors. These individuals add vital industry insight and expertise as well as ensuring that the nominations are well-placed and the awards operate a clean and non-biased system.

Stage 1: The nomination stage typically runs over the summer, during which time the affiliate community registers their recommendations online under each of the categories.

Stage 2: The voting round runs from September to January. This is where the industry stakes its their claim in deciding who should win the awards. Online votes are strictly monitored.

The Awards! And culminating in the pièce de résistance, the jewel in the crown, the actual CAP ceremony itself — a jewel-spangled, affiliate grazing-ground full of the top names in the business with guests from all corners of the gaming industry.